I count myself as a member of the Wichita Falls Tea Party Patriots.  Though I have not been active in the group recently, I openly and actively promote them and support them.  I was there when it started.  I am pleased to say that I had a small role in the creation of a truly patriotic organization that has been the epitome of 'grass roots'.  I know many of the active members.   They are as good, solid, ethical, moral and loyal as they come.  I am proud to count several of them as friends.

Those who belittle the Tea Party with vulgarities like 'tea baggers' (yes, it actually is vulgar in this context-I'll leave you to figure it out on your own) simply do NOT have a clue what the Tea Party is all about.  These are the same people who get their "news" from the Jon Stewart's, Bill Maher's and Stephen Colbert's of the world.  They've never attended a single rally or meeting, they simply regurgitate the same vitriolic and ignorant names and claims of the rest of the insane left.

Becky Gerritson, one of the founders of the Wetumpka Tea Party in Alabama, spoke before a House committee investigating the recently uncovered atrocities of the Internal Revenue Service.  Her testimony was eloquent, moving and motivational.  Take a few moments and watch:

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