Not even gonna give the kid a chance to feel like he is a part of the class. Beyond messed up. 

The dreaded elementary school play performance. The parents that have to sit through them. Come on parents be honest, if your kid isn't on the stage you don't care. The kids that are so nervous to mess up their one, maybe two lines they had to memorize. I was the kid that totally forgot his line in second grade. Still have panic attacks about that moment.

Six-year-old Caleb from West Virginia was looking forward to his part in Thanksgiving play. He was a turkey. He had his one line to say, Gobble Gobble. Simple and honestly if the kid messes up, who cares. It's an elementary school play, this isn't Broadway where people paid several hundred dollars for tickets.

Caleb is autistic and the teacher didn't even give him a chance to say his line. As soon as the kid in front of him finishes, the teacher comes up and takes the mic away. You can see it embarrasses him and you can even hear some parent's laugh at the kid. Freaking ridiculous.

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