Parking at the Hotter'N Hell Hundred has always been a headache, but this year it will be a lot worse.

Thousands upon thousands of people will descend upon Wichita Falls the weekend starting on August 25th. Now the Big Ride is on the 27th, but the Hotter'N Hell folks have events going on all weekend long. I personally have only had issues with parking for the Saturday event. This is without a doubt the biggest event that happens in Wichita Falls, so every year I am prepared to be searching for parking downtown.


Allow me to be Captain Obvious here, but the parking is going to be bad this year. As we all know, construction is going on near the MPEC. This means we're losing A LOT of parking spaces. I actually got an exact number at a recent meeting. Over 700 parking spots will be gone. I was shocked it was that many, don't get me wrong. I was expecting a triple digit answer, but all those cars will now have to go somewhere else in downtown Wichita Falls.

Looks like the folks with Hotter'N Hell Hundred are working with lots in downtown to allow folks to park at that weekend. Also, it looks like trams and trolleys will be running that weekend downtown to help folks get around without having to walk all the way to the MPEC.

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So if you were worried about checking out this year's event, it looks like committee is working to make it easier on those walking legs for the folks that have to walk further than usual. Also don't forget, you can park further away, ride your bike and put your bike in the lockup near the MPEC.

Hopefully we see you downtown this year, we have a lot of great events going on. If you want more info or maybe want to volunteer. More info can be found on the Hotter'N Hell website.

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