Finally, an assisted living facility party I want to be at.

We have all probably visited someone who lives in an assisted living facility. When you walk in, you typically see a schedule for that day's events. Maybe, it's a theme night or some sort of game like Bingo on the docket for the day. Over in Hillsboro, Texas at the Wesley House Assisted Living facility they had a happy hour.

Like a legit happy hour, guests were treated to their choice of beer, wine, or spiked cocktail. They also had a 'tattoo shop' setup. Granted, they were only temporary tattoos, but the residents seemed to have a good time. The activity director was trying to come up with a unique idea that the residents would enjoy.

“When I was planning the one for August, I thought that it was crazy how we’ve been quarantined since March,” activity director Susie Castillo told the Houston Chronicle. “So I thought what is something crazy that people do when they drink. Get tattoos!!”

I love it! I would love a night of beer and tattoos. Even if they're just temporary. Sounds like a good time for anybody.

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