I must go to these places before they get rid of theme.

So I've talked about this place before in Dallas called The Whippersnapper. They do pop up themes throughout the year. They have done 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Office' before, but their latest theme is my favorite yet. 'The Simpsons' has been around for decades and we have all wanted to pay a visit to some of Springfield's most popular institutions.


Now if you want to make your way to Universal Studios, they have got an amazing Simpsons land. If you can't afford that trip to Florida right now, make your way to Dallas to the Whippersnapper that has transformed itself into Moe's Tavern. They even have the iconic Duff Beer. 'Oh Yeah!'


If you're not a beer drinker. They will have Butterfinger shots made with peanut butter-flavored whiskey and a chocolate rim. Maybe Lil Lisa’s Slurry, a strawberry-lemon drink with vodka or maybe the iconic Flaming Moe (no Krusty brand cough syrup included).


If that wasn't enough for you. The restaurant next door, High Fives, will be turning into the iconic Krusty Burger. Yes, they will have Krusty Burgers and remember if you can find a greasier burger, you're in Mexico (insert Krusty laugh here). Also they will have a Sideshow Bob hot dog.


The Whippersnapper and High Fives are located at 1804 & 1806 McMillan Avenue in Dallas. You can check out Krusty Burger / High Fives Tuesday - Friday 4pm - 2am Saturday and Sunday 2pm - 2am Kitchen til 10pm.

Go see Moe’s Tavern / The Whippersnapper Wednesday - Saturday from 6pm - 2am Kitchen til 10 PM. They say it's around for a limited time, so plan a trip as soon as you can.

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