Like dangling candy in front of kid this woman went to this hospital if she got her favorite soda. 

I would say Dr. Pepper is the soda of Texas, but don't forget about Big Red made over in Waco. Still a popular favorite amongst the Lone Star state. Especially for this elderly woman in Tyler, Texas. She was found on the floor of her residence after not having the strength to get up. Police called paramedics who told her she really needed to go to the hospital.

She said she would be fine, she just needed a Big Red. She showed no life-threatening injuries, but a paramedic insisted something was wrong to the officers. Sergeant Zack Noble told the woman he would get her a Big Red personally if she went in to get checked up. She went in and minutes after showing up Sergeant Noble showed up with an ice cold Big Red for her.

Dr. Pepper may be the favorite here in Texas, but Big Red is the ultimate lifesaver.

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