Not the type of animal you would expect to be swiping your fruit.

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Looks like a family in Corpus Christi, Texas has been dealing with some fruit thieves. Could it be some jerk kids in the neighborhood? Maybe a typical animal you would expect like a deer, gopher, or rabbit? Nah, looks like this neighborhood has some fruit loving coyotes.

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Turns Out Coyotes Love Watermelons

Looks like they're able to pick up entire watermelons whole, which is actually pretty impressive. According to the National Park Service, an urban coyote's diet like these are probably eating mostly garbage, fruit, and sadly domestic cats. So keep your feline friends inside if you have coyotes in the neighborhood.

This Family Won't Be Planting the Watermelons in the Front Yard Anymore

The family that has been dealing with the coyotes the past few weeks say they will be moving the garden to a fenced in portion in the back. They claim the coyotes have gotten braver and started coming out in the day to get their fruit fix.

Watch Coyotes Steal Watermelons Below

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