Police may soon have a new weapon in the war on drugs, and it won't require them to do anything but drive around. A team of researchers at the University of North Texas have been working on a new device that could help law enforcement detect drugs just by driving by.

The device was originally designed to test air quality and was so precises that they had to go to Antarctica to test it out in some of the cleanest air in the world. It is able to analyze and decipher all the different things that are in the air and where they came from.

The team decided this could be helpful for the police to do things like find a potential meth lab. The chemicals would be in the air around the lab, but a normal person would not be able to tell just by being outside a house.

They are now testing a working prototype of the device that they have built into an electric Ford Fusion. In the video above from KCTV you can see a bit more about how it works. Soon, just keeping it out of sight may not be enough for a criminal to hide their drugs.

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