So cops and firefighters really hate each other? Who knew.

Well, maybe hate is a strong word. You see it in movies and television all the time. That cops and firefighters don't get along. Turns out over in San Antonio a local firefighter decided to mess with a police helicopter. Back on April 29th, Engineer Carthel Williams got the genius idea to moon the San Antonio police helicopter.


Yes, in full firefighter uniform. Pulled down his pants and showed his bare butt to the helicopter. Pictures were taken and later distributed to other people, suspension records show. Williams was cited for violating SAFD rules pertaining to conduct and behavior, negative public image and inappropriate behavior.

He has been suspended 20 days for his behavior. He was originally given an indefinite suspension in early November, but the punishment was later shortened as part of a signed release and settlement agreement with San Antonio Fire Department Chief Charles Hood.

I mean, come on. It's pretty funny. A firefighter mooning a cop. This is like dogs and cats fighting. It's just something I assumed they did. No one got hurt and I'm sure everyone had a good laugh. least the firefighters did I am sure and myself as well.


Let's be honest, if you're going to get suspended, it's a pretty cool way to get suspended. This is like something you would get suspended in high school for. Nice to see that someone has the same maturity level as myself and is saving lives as a firefighter.

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