The future is coming people and pretty soon you will see a lane that you won't be able to travel on.

You May Have Already Seen a Driver-less Truck in Texas

Looks like the future of hauling is starting to pop up in Texas. A company called Aurora already has 75 trucks rolling down the road, you can check out some footage of that above. They will be driving down the road just like any truck, but could give a driver quite the panic attack when they don't seem someone behind the wheel of the big rig. Well looks like Texas wants to give these vehicles their own lane.

The New Lane in Texas Just for Self Driving Trucks

Coming during the summer of 2024, TX Dot plans to have completed this new lane that you will probably never drive on. Even if you own a self driving vehicle, you will not be permitted in the lane, it is just for big rigs to use that are autonomous. A company called Canvue is helping TX Dot with the infrastructure to get it going next year.

"This infrastructure include cameras, radar, other communication, hardware, as well as machine learning, as this is where we can use AI to our benefit. This digital infrastructure will eventually accommodate with self-driving freight vehicles and can benefit all users of the roadway," said TxDOT spokesperson Brad Wheelis.

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If you're unaware of where this stretch of highway is, it will be going right around Austin. I have a feeling that these won't be the last kind of these lanes opening up in Texas. Don't be shocked if you ever see one in the next five years in Dallas or Houston.

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