Technology is amazing nowadays and this little girl is so grateful to play like a normal kid again. 

Turns out the Harris County Public Library in the Houston area has a 3-D printer. These things are amazing and can make just about anything. The Vincik family who live in Victoria, Texas contacted the library and asked if they would be interested in making a prosthetic hand for their daughter Katelyn. She was born without a fully developed left hand.

Patrick Ferrell, who is in charge of the 3-D printing, admitted to being nervous about the making of this arm. “We were pretty upfront with the family. None of us had any experience with prosthetics,” Ferrell said. “We know how to make 3-D prints, and we know how to build things. But none of us have specific experience with prosthetics. And the family was willing to go along with it, even though none of us really knew exactly what we were doing."

After figuring out exactly what needed to happen, they got the hand done. Ferrell delivered the hand himself. The family was actually having a party at the time and Katelyn was able to show off her new hand to all of her family. The family says she was never held back by not having a hand, but the new hand does help out a lot in her daily life.