We've all heard the debates about E-Cigarettes. Is it better for you than actually smoking? Are there negative health benefits? Can it cause popcorn lung? Will you look like a giant tool if you're that dude in the bar blowing enormous vape clouds?

While we may not yet know all the answers to those questions (except the last one. Yes, yes you will) we now have another question to add to the count. Could this thing explode in my pocket?

A Carrollton, TX man was badly burned recently when the spare battery for his E-Cigarette exploded in his pants pocket. If you watch the video above from Fox 4 Dallas, there's some pretty graphic pictures of the 2nd degree burns it caused on his leg. It seems that the explosion was a result of a coin in his pocket coming into contact with the battery.

He now has a plastic case that separates the batteries from coming into contact with anything else but said that it wasn't something the device manufacturer warned about. This isn't the first or only time that something like this has happened. A google search comes up with similar stories from across the country. Recently, in Kentucky, one of the explosions was even caught on a gas station security tape.

The man says that this isn't going to stop him from vaping, but he wants to make sure others are aware of the potential risk when carrying extra batteries.

Here's the aforementioned video of the E Cigarette explosion at a gas station in Kentucky:

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