This man had one final wish and the hospital made it happen. 

A ceremony took place the other day at Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospital in Amarillo, Texas. Raul Hinojosa was on his death bed and he wanted to make sure Yvonne Lamas was his wife before he passed away. The two had been dating for eleven years and they were engaged for nine.

The reason the two weren't married yet is because Raul was saving up money for Yvonne's dream wedding. Sadly, Raul was diagnosed with leukemia and medical bills began piling up. Putting the dream wedding off until a later date. Things got worse for Raul in October when he had a fungal infection of his lungs and throat. He has been in the hospital since that infection.

Raul made the request, the family and hospital made it happen. Yvonne went to the courthouse to get the marriage license and they made some exceptions given the circumstances. The hospital cafeteria staff began baking a cake and the gift shop made bouquets. Hospital workers hung white sheets in Raul's room to hide the monitors, and a staff member shed his suit so Raul could wear it.

The nineteen-minute ceremony was posted to Facebook and it's nice to see that everyone made a dying man's wish come true. Raul died thirty-six hours after the ceremony. Yvonne had to sign the death certificate after his passing, but she got to sign it for the first time ever as Hinojosa.

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