Are you the ultimate Harry Potter fan? Time to plan a road trip.

It's nice having sports back, but remember. Not every sport is back right now. Many minor league teams are not currently playing and this includes the Amarillo Sod Poodles. By the way, an amazing team name. They're the Double A affiliate for the San Diego Padres here in Texas.

With no minor league baseball, the Hodgetown stadium is just sitting there. So they have decided to turn into a makeshift Hogwarts on Saturday, September 12th. They will be showing the first Harry Potter movie, 'The Sorcerer's Stone'. Tickets went on sale today if you want to go.

Social distancing will be enforced. They will be selling on the field tickets, actual seats that line the stadium, and even the luxury suites will be available. They will do their best to make it look like Hogwarts and have wizard games going on throughout the stadium as well.

Butter beer will even be served as a refreshment. Guest are encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters. So if you're a Harry Potter fan, sounds like you have plans going down next weekend over in Amarillo.

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