What in the hell were you thinking man?!

Some people are going to probably think I am being mean to this guy, but seriously. Cars are abandoned in the road due to it being flooded. You really think you're going to be able to pedal fast enough to get through this man? Peak Lance Armstrong couldn't have pedaled fast enough to get through that deep water.

Some are commenting how do you know he wasn't going to see if someone was stuck in the car? OK, fine. Then why would he pedal his bike into the water? Just wade through the water to go see. What the hell were you gonna do man? Rescue the person and put them on your bike like E.T. and pedal them out of there.

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Folks are saying this is from Pinn Road in San Antonio which people say always floods when heavy rains hit that area. Looks like Hurricane Pamela is forcing heavy rains to flood this area of Texas. Hopefully the rain can letup in the next few days so this guy can go get his bike.

Here in Texoma we have dealt with some heavy wind over the past couple days, especially in Burkburnett. Someone is definitely in the market for a new truck after a tree fell right on top of their vehicle. You can check out that video here.

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