I am sure this bar has had to kick out some creeps throughout the years. This underage critter was not welcome and the bartender had to take out the trash.

Working in the bar industry, you're going to run into some critters from time to time. Hopefully you just spot them while taking out the trash and not inside of your business. Over in Nagadoches, Texas one of the bartenders got to throw out an unwelcome customer herself this week.

Check Out Jessica White, Who Many Are Calling the Possum Queen

This girl right here came to the rescue at the bar she works at on Friday night. Banita Creek Hall, a country music venue in town shared the video of Jessica grabbing the possum by it's tail and carrying him out of the restaurant. Jessica doesn't even seem phased by it. You can tell she might might've had one of these things in her garage or a trashcan back in the day. Grab it by the tail and carry them on their merry way.

Watch the Possum Queen in Action Below

My favorite response is from this guy.

If you're looking for a Texas girl that knows how to take care of a critter situation. She is over in East Texas fellas. To any animal lovers out there that are worried about what happened to the little fella. She said he was placed over by a creek near the bar. Hopefully they remember the Banita Creek Hall is not possum friendly.

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