I'm not a parent, but even I have to admit this is pretty awesome.

Taking the kid to the ballpark is no easy task. Especially if that kid is still in diapers. Imagine a sports stadium bathroom and trying to change a diaper with all those people? Good news parents, you can now change your baby's diaper at Globe Life Field in your very own changing room.

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Thanks to Hello Bello, EIGHT new private changing rooms are available for parents with their kids. Usually when a team announces something like this, it's one room and you better pray you're sitting in that area so you don't have to walk around looking for it. Rangers fans can find these new rooms in the following parts of Globe Life Field.

  • In the lower concourse, the rooms are near section 20 and section 27.
  • In the main concourse, they are near section 101, section 125 and section 130.
  • On the suite level, a room is by guest services.
  • And in the upper concourse, rooms are in section 209 and section 224.

The rooms will also feature free diapers from Hello Bello, who I did not know makes the diapers right here in Texas over in Waco. “Affordability and accessibility is a core part of our brand, and this just lines right up with what our mission is,” Erica Buxton, president of Hello Bello said.


I would highly recommend taking your kids to a baseball game over the summer. With the new stadium, you have no excuse not to go now. Air conditioning on those hot summer days makes all the difference.

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