We need more of this at the ballpark.

There’s nothing like a rowdy atmosphere to inspire a team. Hell, it fires me up as a fan.

During last night’s Ranger game against the Angels, my wife pointed out just how loud it was at Globe Life Field. And not just when someone made a great play on defense or hit a home run. It was loud the entire game.

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And this Ranger fan loved every minute of it.

Eventually, the TV broadcast crew addressed just how loud it was in the ballpark and gave us a glimpse of the source of the rowdiness. As has been my experience, the source of the constant chanting and overall loudness was in the lower-level section in right field. Section 133 to be exact.

As someone who prefers to sit in the lower-level outfield seats, I can attest to it being just a tad bit louder out there. The lower-level right field has a real party atmosphere.

Anyway, the whole thing was organized by Jake DuPre, the founder of Rangers Nation on Instagram. Rangers field reporter Emily Jones eventually caught up with DuPre:

Well done, young man. That atmosphere was like a shot in the arm for a team that was already playing its best baseball of the season.

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