Maybe everything isn't bigger in Texas.

Texas currently ranks 51st in the United States for adults with health insurance. Since the District of Columbia was a part of the survey, we get that 51st slot. For the survey, an adult is between the age of 18 and 64. Congratulations Texas, we don't rank dead last when it comes to children. We come in 49, beating out Nevada and Alaska.

For Medicare acceptance by doctors, Texas comes in low as well, 43rd, and even lower in doctors per capita at 45th. In WalletHub's overall ranking of states with the best healthcare systems, Texas ranks 38th. I do have one positive number for our state.

Texas has the 9th-best average monthly insurance premium. So we do rank in the top ten for something out of this survey. The rest of it doesn't look so good. Just remember, we do have one of the biggest populations in the country for a state. So of course we were most likely going to be at the bottom for a lot of this survey.

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