Sheriff Gary Painter of Midland County, Texas has said exactly what most American’s wish our President would say with regard to ISIS: ‘We’ll send ‘em to hell’.

Obama's weak, tilted response to ISIS and the beheadings of two American journalists is infuriating, even to some democrats. The facts for America are this: Our border is almost defenseless, our leadership is weak at best and we should ALL be on our knees praying for strength and thanking the Lord that we live in a nation where the people, too, can be well armed.

Several websites are reporting the arrest of a suspected ISIS terrorist, or at least a supporter of the group, in Houston on September 5. I’ve searched out several ‘main stream’ sites and found nothing about it. Imagine that. Our republic is in grave danger on more than one front and you need to be awake and aware. Listen to Sheriff Painter’s interview on CNN above.

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