A viral clip has lead to folks on both sides of aisle asking for this guy to step down.

Obviously something is seriously wrong with the Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan. On May 19th, in the Texas House of Representatives an amendment was being proposed to a Senate Bill. Someone captured a clip of the Speaker who appears to be intoxicated or having a stroke. You be the judge for yourself.

Watch Dade Phelan's Slurred Speech

Dade Phelan is a Republican in the state of Texas and you would obviously think it would be the Democrats asking for his resignation. Actually, some of his fellow Republicans are even asking him to step down from his position. Including Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. He has actually released a statement regarding the viral clip.

Statement from Ken Paxton

That statement also came with a letter into an investigation of Dade Phelan's actions that night.

Official Investigation Underway

Dade Phelan's Most Recent Tweet

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