Matt has blown up on Tik Tok the past year and another viral moment happened at a show recently and a Texan was a part of the fun.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the High Texan

I don't care what social media platform you use. You start scrolling you will eventually run into a Matt Rife video. I don't know what he's using to pop up on everyone's algorithm, but it's working. The first video I remember seeing involved a hot mom in the crowd.

Matt is really great at crowd work and I think that is why people like his standup. Well a new video that went up involved a drunk Texan. He admits he has been drinking, so if he reads this, sorry I called you a drunk. Well Matt occasionally smokes while on stage and I am not talking about cigarettes. Well a man chirps up in the crowd saying, "We don't smoke in Texas". By the way, I don't think this show took place in Texas, but the guy is a walking Texas stereotype.

Check Out the Drunk/High Texan at the Matt Rife Show Below

The man who we learn is named TC has only gotten high while drunk and since he had been drinking. Matt decided to share with him. He takes a massive hit, which Matt is CLEARLY worried about this man's safety since he normally does not partake. It's a funny five minute clip if you want to watch it above.

Matt Rife is Coming to North Texas This Fall

If you want to see Matt, his tour rolls through Fort Worth on November 15th at Will Rodgers Auditorium and Irving on November 16th at Toyota Music Factory. Both shows are sold out, so you will have to hit up secondary markets to get them. The app I use for tickets has some available for the Irving show, if you want to go.

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