She did not think she was texting the boy's mother. Well, she did and I guess we know how she honestly feels about him. It's not pretty.

Over in Texas City, Texas, a mother was shocked about a message she received from her son's teacher. The mother had just received a call about her son from the teacher about his behavior. Her son Jayden has autism and is in special needs classes at the school. The teacher had called the mother to complain, then sent some text messages to the mother as well.

Screenshot Courtesy of KHOU
Screenshot Courtesy of KHOU

“This lil (expletive) is crying like a baby for mommy because he wants to go home,” and “Omg I just want to omggggggg pull all my damn hair out.”

District officials say after being made aware of the texts, they immediately removed the teacher from her classroom at Levi Fry Intermediate and terminated her contract. District officials also say the teacher admitted to sending the texts about Jayden, but she did not mean to send them to his mother.

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