If you know you're Covid-19 positive and are going out to party. What are you doing with your life?

Over the weekend, a video was going around of a girl who apparently goes to Texas Tech that says she is Covid positive. Nothing in the video indicates who she is or what school she attends. However, people online say that she attends Texas Tech. In the video, she says she is positive for Covid.

The video has been reported to the school and the sorority this girl allegedly is in. The Dean of Students says an investigation is currently underway into this issue. They also released a letter to the rest of the student body talking about their Covid-19 update just a few weeks into the school year.

“Although our current number of active cases are about 1% of our university population, if this rise in positive cases continues, we are prepared to make significant adjustments to our plans,” Schovanec wrote in a letter to campus. “This move would go against everything we have worked so hard to provide in terms of an on-campus collegiate experience.”

If this girls turns out to be a Texas Tech student, we will see what the university decides a suitable punishment would be. Maybe the girl was just joking around saying we're all going to get Covid anyway, but if she actually knowingly had it that is a different story.

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