Ever wonder whether you’re breaking the law when entering an intersection as the light changes? 

I’ll be the first to admit that I like to toe the line when it comes to traffic lights. There’s not much that I hate more than being stuck at a light that stays red for what seems like an eternity. 

You see, I live in Wichita Falls. The traffic lights here are notorious for being on the janky side.

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For example, there have been times when I have sat at a light that would not turn green (Fairway and Kell if you’re wondering). And I’ll never forget the time when the stop light at the exit of the Parker Square parking lot would only stay green long enough for one car to get out. 

And I could go on for days about the horribly timed lights in this town (see Midwestern Parkway). So, forgive me if I tend to cut it close when approaching an intersection as the light turns yellow. 

But at what point are you breaking the law as a traffic light changes from yellow to red? 

According to the Herald Banner, you’re breaking the law if you enter the intersection after the light turns red in Texas: 

Under Texas law, a steady yellow light means: ‘(1) movement authorized by a green signal is being terminated; or (2) a red signal is to be given.’ Basically this means that a yellow light is legally treated as a “go” signal with an added warning element.  If the signal turns red before you enter the intersection, you have committed an offense.

So, there you have it. If you’re in the intersection before the light turns red, you’re good to go. Simple as that.

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