There’s a museum in Oklahoma that’s gotta be on the bucket list of every toy collector on the planet.

In Paul’s Valley sits The Toy and Action Figure Museum, a large room that’s split into different sections like the “Batcave”, a room dedicated to Batman-related collectibles, and a section featuring a collection of cartoon artwork born from the imaginations of famous Oklahomans.

At the center of everything is a massive diorama with thousands of figures from just about every franchise ever. From superheroes to Star Wars - even Spinal Tap - there’s a little something for every collector in there.

Wired Photostream / flickr

In all, the museum is home to over 13,000 action figures, with many of the figures having never been removed from their original packaging.

Local toy designer Kevin Stark opened the museum in 2005, almost five years after the city of Paul’s Valley started an intitiative called Vision 2010, aimed at creating local tourist attractions. As a result, the museum is a fully accredited nonprofit, which makes it the only museum of its kind, according to Atlas Obscura.

The museum even has its own gift shop, which serves as more of a toy store than a place to score some mementos. You can take a 360 tour of the entire museum here.

Jimmy Bramlett / flickr