A very cool experience for golf enthusiasts and casual golfers alike is headed for North Texas.

According to WFAA, Tiger Woods’ Florida-based PopStroke has secured it’s second location here in the Lone Star State. The bar, restaurant, and putting course chain currently has a location in Katy, down in the Houston area.

While an opening date hasn’t been announced, construction will begin in June at the Grandscape in The Colony.

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To be perfectly honest with you, this is the first I’ve heard of PopStroke. I only recently got back into golf after a layoff of about twenty years. So, I was pretty stoked to hear the news.

With my interest piqued, I decided to do a deep dive into the PopStroke website.

PopStroke is not only the kind of place where a group of friends can gather for some good food, a few drinks, and some putting practice, it’s also a great choice for a family outing.

Keep in mind that it’s not a traditional miniature golf course with fun obstacles and whatnot. It’s more of a straight-up putting course with a bunch of putting greens grouped together, which makes it much more appealing to me as you can get in some practice that more resembles the actual game of golf.

You even get a commemorative TaylorMade PopStroke ball to play with and take home after your round.

I, for one, am looking forward to spending some quality time at PopStroke. Hopefully, they’ll get that thing up and running sooner rather than later.

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