Not gonna lie,  I laughed at the video.

Now I swear this video is several years old at this point, but I could be mistaken. Maybe this is some sort of Mandela effect thing, but I feel like this happened after the flood in Houston back in 2017. However, I could be dead wrong, but I did see the video going re-viral after the incident at Joel Osteen's church last weekend.

In case you didn't see, $600,000 was just hiding behind a bathroom wall. The Tik Tok above is a re-post because the original got taken down for bullying. I honestly, don't have a problem with bullying Joel Osteen so I loved the video. Nick Staley here told Osteen, "You know you're a piece of s*** right? Joel laughs it off and walks away.

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Nick has since been fired from his job since the video went viral and has over 8.9 million views on Tik Tok. Some folks are saying Nick should start a Go Fund Me to help pay for bills while he is out of work. Nick has decided to start a Go Fund Me for those that loved the video.

However, the Go Fund Me will be going to two homeless organizations in the country. One in Los Angeles and one in Nick's home city of Houston. So far he has raised over $6,000 and maybe some of that money behind Joel's bathroom wall could help out some organizations in Houston.

Sadly that money is probably going to his mega mansion that would put some houses on MTV Cribs to shame. Sad to see Nick lost his job, but it looks like he's turning this negative into a positive.

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