Don't steal other people's property, but ESPECIALLY don't steal from this guy.

San Antonio Police are currently investigating a deadly situation involving a stolen truck. Apparently a man had his truck stolen from his house on Wednesday and little did the thief know, the man had an Airtag in his truck. In case you don't know, Apple Airtags are used to find different things. People put them on their keys or in a bag. This guy had one in his truck so he was able to find its exact location.

Here is Where the Guy Messed Up

Instead of calling the police and alerting them to where his stolen truck was, he was going to confront the guy. The Airtag was stopped at a shopping center about 20 minutes away from the San Antonio house. The man confronted the supposed car thief and this is what police are trying to figure out what happened next.

The Shooting

According to the man that had this truck stolen, he says this supposed thief pulled a gun on him and that is when he pulled out his gun. The alleged car thief was shot and killed. As of right now, police are currently investigating to see if this suspect had a gun on him at the time of this shooting.

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San Antonio Police told folks if something like this were to happen to you. Do not take matters into your own hands. I am sure this shopping center has some sort of security camera setup and I assume San Antonio Police will be going through those tapes to see if an altercation happened.

If this guy came up and murdered the guy that stole his truck with no weapon on him, that will most likely lead to some charges.

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