The issue of border security reached a fever pitch in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  And it’s only gotten hotter ever since.  We’ve heard every proposal from fences to walls to armed security units to help seal the border with Mexico.  But the latest idea out of Washington doesn’t even involve anything that even remotely resembles security.  It’s more like sheer stupidity, with a dash of criminal insanity thrown in for a kick.

A Fox News report on Sunday says that federal officials want to open an unmanned, unguarded crossing into the U.S. via Texas at Big Bend National Park.  They’ll set up a ‘kiosk’ where people will scan their documents, and then will travel as much as 100 miles to get a little face time with an actual federal agent.  Sure they will.  This is supposed to allow the residents of Boquillas del Carmen on the Mexican side of the border have free access to the Texas side.  And, are you ready for this; they are using the ongoing drug cartel violence in Mexico as one of the reasons for having such a crossing!  What is wrong with these people?

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of being made to feel as though the Mexican drug war is my fault.  Why should you and I, the citizens of the United States, have to contend with a fight the Mexican government should be handling?  Why doesn’t Mexico do more to help   protect it’s own people?  Why do American companies insist on moving manufacturing to this oh-so-corrupt nation?   That one’s pretty easy to answer: cheap labor.  Dirt-cheap.  As for the Mexican government, one can only assume they have to be just as corrupt as can be to just sit back and watch this nonsense continue.  And if you think only honest residents in Boquillas del Carmen will take advantage, your about as dumb as the federal officials who came up with this idiotic notion.

An open, unguarded border crossing with a ‘kiosk’ and nothing else?  That kiosk will last about as long as it takes the copper, aluminum and steel thieves to break it apart for scrap.  I bet there’s enough copper alone in one of those to buy a years worth of meth!  This is beyond stupid, and if our elected leaders in congress let this happen, they should all be forced to build a house and live on the border.  No loaded guns, course.



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