The Cowboys got the win yesterday. The women in this video – not so much.

But at least they’re providing us with a little entertainment on this Victory Monday.

Less than a month after several fights broke out at AT&T Stadium after the Cowboys' disappointing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a group of “ladies” engaged in some good old-fashioned fisticuffs in one of the stadium’s bathrooms.

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I can almost understand fights breaking out after a frustrating loss, even though I don’t condone it. But when you mix alcohol, disappointment, and trash talking, the powder keg of emotions is bound to blow up at some point.

But the Cowboys have now won three straight games. That’s cause for Cowboy fans to unite and celebrate, right?

I’ll allow that I have no clue whatsoever as to what led to the fight. One of the women may have been cheating with one of the other women’s significant other as far as I know. Whatever the case may be, it sucks to see that sort of thing happen.

For me, going to a Cowboys game is the pinnacle of my sports fandom. No offense to my beloved Rangers, Mavs, and Stars, but there’s nothing like the energy at AT&T Stadium when the Cowboys play.

It’s a big ol’ party when the Cowboys take the field on Sundays. And there’s nothing like a fight to ruin a party.

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