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According to Fox News digital, in an article written by Joshua Nelson, a teacher in Auburn School District 408, Karen Love, urges in a Twitter exchange for schools to keep students’ information “secret” from their parents.

Love was responding to a tweet from another which encouraged parents to “check your school districts’ policy regarding keeping info about YOUR child secret from you. There are some scary policies out there. Schools should not have a right to keep info about your child from you unless abuse by you is suspected.”

Love responded, “I cannot disagree with this more. So many students are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents.”

The Auburn School District in Washington state includes about 17,000 students. The twitter thread was posted by Ian Prior, a senior advisor at America First Legal. Another twitter user responded to Prior by confirming that “librarians think exactly this. Full on religious discrimination. And to defend school kids getting graphic child [porn] as school books. #AASL23 will be loaded with such groomers and @ALALibrary will be training more. All taxpayer supported, of course.”

Other parents rightly have become alarmed and are filing public records requests to the Auburn School District to obtain emails of Love that contain any words regarding transgender, gender, and other related terms.

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

There are so many things wrong with this picture it is difficult to know where to begin.

First and foremost is the obvious fact that far too many educators no longer believe that they are serving homes by being extensions of the family, but haughtily suppose that they supplant the family. They suppose children to be wards of the state.

It is true that many families have become dysfunctional, but the fact remains that children belong to their parents and to a biological family, which is the final authority on the education of their children. Surrogates of the state (teachers) notwithstanding.

This Marxist belief that children belong to the state has been ingrained into too many educators by communist professorships who have been brainwashed with socialistic credos. These professorships, in turn, fill our universities which train the teachers.

Friedrich Engels, Marx’s partner in the diabolical theory of Marxism, authored a 1884 book entitled, "The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State."

In the book, Engels unabashedly declared that there ought to be “unrestrained sexual intercourse” between the sexes; and that all people must be freed from the care of their own children so they can fill more “socially productive roles” in society. After all, he argued, marriage is a recent invention based on a man’s lust for private wealth. Children are to be considered “wards of the state” with no oversight by parents. They just breed them. American educators have been brainwashed with this wicked doctrine.

Second, this arrogant disposition that educators supplant parental rights is fostered by the unconstitutional movement that put education into the hands of the federal government. A natural outcome of federal intrusion into every area of public and private life is that teachers begin acting like federal agents who are beyond scrutiny by concerned parents. Federalizing education naturally breeds the conviction that government knows best.

This is why informed constitutionalists have resisted the creation of the National Education Association and why they still oppose it.

Third, Love, like so many of her colleagues, have been so mis-educated that they pose a grave danger to students even if they were not in the business of hiding from parents. Her comments pertaining to “Christo-fascism” says it all. Not only does she not understand Christianity, but she is ignorant about the nature of “fascism.”

Fascism is another form of dictatorial top-down control, a cousin of Nazism and communism. By contrast, it is the Christian influence on the founders of this country that enabled them to see clearly enough to craft a nation in which the people remain in control of their own governing—and households. Would that educators would learn this.

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