What happens when the most powerful man in the world meets up with the most dazzling basketball player in the world? Why, they play a classic kid's game, of course.

President Obama and Steph Curry play Connect Four in this recently-released video from the White House. That's just one of the things this dynamic duo do in this light-hearted clip with a serious message about mentoring.

The president works with the defending NBA MVP on his resume, reads to him, insrtructs him on the proper way to shoot a basketball and helps make the type of working volcano you always wanted to build for your junior high science fair.

It's a pretty funny video as Obama gets set to put the finishing touches on his legacy as he heads down the stretch for his last few months in the White House, while Curry continues to build his legacy, as he chases a second consecutive NBA title on the heels of the most successful regular season in NBA history.

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