Here’s your friendly reminder that the weather can be scary as hell in Texas. 

And as bad as it is typically, this year’s weather has been as severe as I can remember in a long time. Hopefully, we will have a few chill storm seasons ahead of us. We’ll see. 

For the uninitiated, one of the worst places you can be during a severe thunderstorm is a mobile home. It’s like trying to ride a tornado out in a tin can. As someone who grew up in a trailer, I was always taught that I would be safer running across the road and taking shelter in the bar ditch. 

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Luckily, I never had to test that theory as we had a storm cellar nearby. 

But with that being said, sometimes you get stuck inside a mobile home as the storm hits and have no choice but to ride it out just like the oilfield worker in the below video. And I so hope that I never find myself in a similar situation. 

Watch as my man freaks out while hail crashes through the windows of that little single-wide trailer. Fortunately, it didn’t take a direct hit from a tornado, which would have been catastrophic. But still, the experience had to have been traumatic, nonetheless. 

Also, like many of the people commenting on the video, I’m amazed the power stayed on the whole time.

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