Is it just me, or have the hailstorms in Texas been more brutal than usual this year? 

Not that we’re not used to huge, intense hail in this part of the country. But it just feels like it’s been particularly intense here in 2023. 

The thing for me is that hail tends to take a backseat to tornadoes and high straight-line winds. And rightfully so, for that matter.

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I’m no meteorologist by any stretch of the imagination, but as someone who has lived in Tornado Alley damn near all their life, tornadoes and high winds are way scarier than hail. 

But hail can be pretty damn scary, too. 

I know I wouldn’t want to be caught outside while we’re getting pummeled by softball-size hail (or hail of any size, for that matter). The below video offers the perfect example of why. 

Looking at the aftermath of a hailstorm that recently rolled through Austin, you see that just about every vehicle had its rear window busted out. Not all of them, mind you. But most, nonetheless. 

Can you imagine what that would do to someone’s skull? I can, but I would much rather not. 

So, the next time that you hear an alert come across that says there is hail in the area, do yourself a favor and stay indoors. You’re welcome.

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