A major shout out to the WFISD helping out these kids on what I am sure is a stressful time in their lives.

We live in a strange time right now and I could not imagine being a kid. Some kids are probably excited about an extended spring break and I'm sure others are wondering when they're going back to school. I know several students look forward to school because they get their school lunch every day of class.

With school being closed due to the coronavirus, some of those students are missing out on those meals they depend on. The WFISD has enlisted their bus drivers to be delivery drivers. Guess you can call them the Grub Bus. The WFISD has their drivers dropping off breakfast and lunch for students.


School Bus Dropoff Locations
School Bus Dropoff Locations

Just meet at the drop off location at the time listed on the sheet above. The buses are aimed at the neighborhoods further away from the schools. The schools themselves also have food pickups as well. Curbside, just like all the restaurants in town are doing as well. Anyone under 18-years-old can get a meal. No questions asked.

It's a scary time right now, but I like to see the WFISD doing what they can to help out their students during this crazy time. I believe the plan is to extend the curbside pickup while this is going on. I am told the school bus food program will be going on as well while the schools are closed to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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