Photo Courtesy of Home Run Inn Pizza

I know today is the first day of school for a lot of kids. In my book, that was the official end of summer. So what was everybody obsessed with?

The fine folks at Home Run Inn Pizza, yeah that's weird, but they let us know what everyone was obsessed with over one of my favorite seasons. They took a look at Google Trends to see what everyone was looking up over the past couple of months. The typical summer things are there. Grills, County Fairs, Pool, Popsicle and Camping to name a few.

Agung Parameswara

Texas is the one outlier in this post. What was Texas obsessed with? Freaking koozies. Don't get me wrong, koozies are a necessity in our state during the summer. You need them if you're chilling outside drinking a cold one. You want that cold one to stay as cold as possible, so a koozie helps with that. However, we're the only state that picked this. So good job Texas, I guess.

Getty Images for City Of Hope

For our neighbors to the North in Oklahoma, they were looking up softball. Makes sense, I know a lot of people start softball leagues in the early summer months. Alabama was also looking up softball a lot as well.

If I had to guess what people in Texas were to pick, I would have guessed air conditioning. I imagine a lot of people this time of year at the very least are looking up air conditioner repair, since we run them like crazy down here. Were you obsessed with koozies like this map says? Let me know in the comments.

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