If you were worried about Whataburger selling to that Chicago based company, they know their roots are here in Texas.

I'm proud to say that these boots are going to be made right here in Texas as well. Over in El Paso, Justin Boots just unveiled the "Made for Walkin' boots that are inspired by the Randy Rogers Band. The one thing I will say about these boots is that they're high quality for sure.


The boots include 5.4 square feet of leather, 105 steps in the creation process, and 12,488 stitches to make the Whataburger logo and the boots take a grand total of 120 days to make. However, these things are not cheap. For men or women's pair, they will cost you $250. For a decent pair of boots is not that bad. They say they're doing a limited run, so if you want some I would buy them now.

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