If you want that Whataburger bacon but don't want to wait in the drive-thru, your prayers have been answered.

Whataburger is slowly starting to invade your grocery aisles. They started out with condiments. Your favorite Whataburger ketchup, mustard, spicy ketchup, honey bbq, and jalapeno ranch are up for grabs. I learned today that the Whataburger pancake mix and sausage is also available at some grocery stores as well.

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If you're enjoying some Whataburger pancakes and would prefer that Whataburger bacon at home, you can now do that. HEB and Central Market will start selling Whataburger bacon this week. “Whether fans are topping mac and cheese or adding crumbles to baked potatoes, we’re proud to introduce Whataburger’s Hickory Smoked Bacon and make it easier than ever for fans to cook up their favorites from home,” Whataburger Vice President of Retail Mike Sobel said.

Sadly, we do not have any HEB grocery stores in Wichita Falls. However, those Whataburger condiments were originally an HEB exclusive as well and we eventually got those at some of our United grocery stores here. Maybe one day we will get the sausage, pancakes and bacon. Come on Whataburger, we love you up here in Wichita Falls as well.

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