C’mon man – there’s no such thing as watching too much football.

The TV networks seem to agree with my assertion, anyway. Think about it. There are only two days a week on which you can’t take in a football game on TV – Tuesday, and Wednesday. And that’s awesome.

In my own little perfect world, I watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon, catch a high school game in person on Friday night, spend the entire day Saturday watching college football followed by a full day of the NFL on Sunday, and then I top it off with Monday Night Football on ESPN.

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So yeah – I’m booked pretty solid in the fall. Catch me in mid-February if you want to plan something on a day other than Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you’re thinking that’s a whole lot of football to watch in a week, you’re probably not a football fan. And if you are a football fan, I suggest you step up your pigskin-watching game.

The only problem is that I slip into the post-football doldrums after the Super Bowl. I realize we have the USFL, which is heading into its second season in 2023 and the XFL will return next year as well, but spring football doesn’t seem to stick, for whatever reason (hopefully, that’ll change one of these days).

Anyway, I came across a study conducted by betonline.ag that tracked geotagged Twitter data to determine the states that are watching too much football and the Lone Star State was found to be the state with the 5th most complaints about husbands and boyfriends watching too much football. I'll take that as a compliment. My only complaint is that we didn't rank Number One on the list. Step it up, guys.

Top 10 States That Watch Too Much Football

  1. West Virginia
  2. Ohio
  3. Nebraska
  4. Iowa
  5. Texas
  6. Kentucky
  7. Indiana
  8. Idaho
  9. South Carolina
  10. Colorado

Now excuse me while I get back to work so I can get out here and get ready for some Monday Night Football.


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