Looks like we're getting down to decision time for the future of this season for the Dallas Cowboys. 

According to multiple reports, looks like Romo has been cleared by doctors to return to full NFL duties. It's looking like a coach's decision for Sunday's game. Dallas Cowboys sideline reporters are saying a decision will be made Friday or Saturday on who is the one taking snaps under center for the Boys.

It looks like coaches want to sit Romo at least one more game. They want him to get some more practice with the team before returning to a full NFL game. So it looks like Romo could make a start at home against the Baltimore Ravens on November 20th. Of course it would be during the first game I would go to this season.

So here is my question, who do you want as your starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys? The veteran Tony Romo or rookie Dak Prescott? Dak has gotten the team to currently a 7-1 record and first place in the NFC. Tony is a proven quarterback and currently holds a majority of every Dallas Cowboys passing record.

Personally, I am following the mentality if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Nothing against Tony, but I really believe in momentum when it comes to teams. If Dak had the team at somewhere around a .500 record, we would have a different story. The team is leading the conference, I don't see how you make the change.