With all the videos circulating of celebrities doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, we couldn't sit by and not do our part. Drew decided that he would take one for the team and take the challenge.

Unfortunately, in Wichita Falls, TX, we are in the middle of the worst drought in memory. With stage 5 drought restrictions in place, people can't water their lawns or fill up their pools. We wouldn't feel right just wasting 5 gallons for much needed water just pouring it on our heads.We came up with this idea instead.

Just because we are saying not to waste the 5 gallons of water doesn't mean you shouldn't still help in the fight against ALS. You should still DEFINITELY make your donations at ALSA.org. If you want to send water, it can be sent to the Wichita Falls Public Works office.

Do your part to help in two ways. Conserve water by not pouring it on your head and help rid the world of ALS by donating your money. Two birds, one stone, or...bucket.

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