It’s both tasty and educational. Lemonade Day is this Saturday, May 5. Lemonade Day is a nationwide program designed to teach kids how to start, own and operate their very own business -- a lemonade stand.

The program, in partnership with the Small Business Development Center at MSU, helps build self-reliance, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial skills. While Lemonade Day is a nonprofit, the entrepreneurs who operate these lemonade stands retain the profits they earn.

Each child that will take part in this weekend’s event receives a backpack with an ‘Entrepreneur Workbook’.  They’ll learn business skills such as goal setting, creating budgets, customer service, bill paying, and giving back to their community.

There are currently 50 lemonade stands across Wichita Falls, one in Iowa Park, one in Burkburnett, and one in Lakeside City. Click on the map below to visit the Wichita Falls Lemonade Day website for details about each lemonade stand location across the area.

Wichita Falls Lemonade Day Map
Wichita Falls Lemonade Day Map

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