Looks like police are starting to piece together the group that jumped a student in his dorm room.

A couple of weeks ago we reported about an assault at Midwestern State University. The victim was jumped in his dorm by a group of guys. He said it was three to four people that burst in and began the beating. The victim stated it was so quick that he could only identify the person that originally knocked on the door. That was Marcus Ray Reynolds Junior, who was arrested a few days after the March 3 attack.

At least another two people were in on the attack and it looks like police believe they have found those other two guys. Matthew Rowe and Giacomo Gonzalez have been charged by the Midwestern State University Police Department with burglary. Rowe transferred during the midterm and has not played for the Mustangs, Gonzalez played in three games this past season.

The victim believes these are the two that helped in the attack. Another resident of Legacy Hall told police he saw the three suspects in hoodies in the hallway and recognized them, and a few moments later heard screaming and saw the three suspects running out of the victim's room. He said he went to check and found the victim with blood all over his face.

All three individuals have been suspended by Midwestern State.

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