I know how much work goes into these things, so I just wanted to show off the documentaries from the Spring 2019 seniors.

In case you didn't know this, to graduate from Midwestern State University with a Mass Communication degree you need to do a documentary. You're put in groups with the other graduating seniors and it needs to be between twelve and fifteen minutes. The topic can be on anything. Once you get your idea approved, you set up your script, film and edit. You edit, and edit, and edit, boy I sure do not miss editing that documentary.

You can check out the three documentaries below. One is on one of our local Wichita Falls wineries, another is on the bat maker in Wichita Falls and the final one is on what it like going through a foster program. Another great group of documentaries and a shoutout to everyone that worked on them. If you're curious about my documentary at MSU, you can check it out here.

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    Napa Texas

    For Scott and Linda Poenitzsch, it was time for a major career change. Packing up their kids and moving across the country, the Poenitzsches arrived in Wichita County Texas to pursue a passion: producing wine. “Napa, Texas” highlights the family’s drive to produce more than 20 different wines, and also explores Texas’ burgeoning wine industry.

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    Full Count

    With what amounted to a “full count” in front of him, Leland Wetzel had to focus on whether he would strike out or reach his dream of playing in the major leagues. “Full Count” documents Wetzel’s journey of lost hope, restored faith and, ultimately, his place in Major League Baseball.

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    What happens when a child’s world and family fall apart? “Guardians” explores a child’s life in the foster care system through the eyes of Brittanie Tullous, a former foster child. The documentary includes interviews with those who work to help rebuild a foster child’s sense of security.

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