Monopoly has a theme for just about everything, so why not Wichita Falls?

Today I saw that Corpus Christi has their own version of Monopoly. Appropriately called Corpus Cristi-Opoly. This got me to thinking, why can't we get our own version of Monopoly like this? So here is my idea for Wichita Falls-Opoly.

You have eight game pieces in your standard Monopoly game to choose from. I think for Wichita Falls it should be these:

A fighter jet -- for Sheppard Air Force Base.

Red draw mug --  For our famous drink.

Bicycle -- In honor of the Hotter N' Hell Hundred.

Our last five game pieces would be all the random Wichita Falls vehicles. These include the Smurf Car, Mickey Mouse Car, Not a Drug Dealer Truck, Ghostbusters Jeep and that Minivan with the Massive Muffler.

Next would be famous places around Wichita Falls for the spaces. The two spaces in Monopoly that are worth the most are Boardwalk and Park Place. For Wichita Falls, we'll make it the most notable properties -- Big Blue, The Kell House, or The World's Littlest Skyscraper.

Big Blue / World's Littlest Skyscraper

A total of twenty other properties exist (Not Counting Railroads). These could be any of the other iconic places in Wichita Falls: Kay Yeager Coliseum, Midwestern State University, The Hamilton Building, Holt Hotel, Farmers Market, Family Fun Zone (formerly The Plex), Castaway Cove, The Falls, Memorial Stadium, maybe even Funland, just to name a few.

Instead of railroads, maybe famous streets in Wichita Falls? Taft Boulevard, Southwest Parkway, Kell Boulevard and Midwestern Parkway? I know we have the Railroad Museum downtown, but that is only one place. That could be one of our properties instead.

Kemp Street, Wichita Falls (Townsquare Media)

Instead of jail, we have the water recycling center. Instead of the "Go Directly to Jail" space, you have "Take a ride down the Wichita Falls Poop Chute to the Water Treatment Center." A place none of us would want to be stuck in.

Wichita Falls waste water reuse system

Chance cards could be: "Got Body Slammed at the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. Pay Hospital 50 bucks." or, "Accidentally Drank the Water in The Falls, Hospital Visit $150'." Finally, "Finished The Psycho Burger at Willies Place, Recieve $25." Once again, just a few of my ideas.

I think I may have something here. Once again, if Corpus Christi can do this, we can as well. Someone make this happen. You're free to use any of my ideas as long as I get a free game when you make it.

What game pieces, properties, and chance cards would you add to a Wichita Falls Monopoly game? Tell us in the comments!

UPDATE: Right after I finished this post, a colleague informed me that a Wichita Falls-Opoly game was actually created about 10 years ago by a WFHS teacher. Apparently, it was sold at Hastings for a bit. There is also one for sale on eBay right now. So I guess my ideas would be an updated 2018 version of Wichita Falls-Opoly

Wichita Falls-Opoly (billiamsbounty via eBay)

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