A chance for free pizza and I get to play pinball? Oh yeah, I'm definitely going to try this out.

Shout out to all of the restaurants that have at least one arcade game at them. Hell, I'll even take the places that only have those mini arcades that sit on the bartops. We have so many great places to play arcade games around Wichita Falls. My favorites are The Deep End and Maniac's Mansion if you need a place to get your arcade fix.

Both of those places I mentioned have a few pinball machines. The best at The Deep End would probably be 'The Back to the Future' pinball. At Maniac's Mansion they have a crazy 'Last Action Hero' pinball machine. Yes, they actually made a pinball machine for that movie and yes I actually do enjoy that movie.


Those pinball machines are nice, but they don't have a chance for me to win free pizza for a year. If you want that, you will need to hit up Stone Oven at their location near Midwestern State in Century Plaza. The downtown location does have some games, but the pinball machine is only at the Century Plaza location.


It's a newer pinball machine for Ghostbusters, don't worry it's not based off of the new Ghostbusters movie. It's based off of the Ghostbusters from the 80's that we all know and love. To get free pizza for a year, you have to beat the high score of 2,700,000,000. That's 2.7 billion if you can't count all those commas. They say it's no easy task, but free pizza for a year if you do it.


They say one dollar gets you three games. So good luck and go show that prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown. Actually, no, not downtown, Century Plaza location. In case you don't win. Don't forget we have $10 gift cards for just $4 at Seize the Deal. Snag one up today and save some money.

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