Wichita Falls city councilors voted today to roll back water restrictions rather than eliminate them altogether. There had been speculation that all restrictions would be lifted, but Councilman Tim Ingle offered a proposal to move back to Stage 2 restrictions.

At current lake levels, without additional substantial rainfall and assuming current usage levels are maintained, we have approximately 12 years supply of water. Current usage sits at about 12 million gallons per day.

Here are the rules under Stage 2 drought restrictions:

  • All irrigation (residential and commercial) will be reduced to once a week, Monday through Friday, based on the Water Rationing Zone Map or by calling 761-7401.
  • No washing vehicles unless at a commercial car wash, dealership, automotive shop or detail shop.
  • Fundraising car washes are prohibited.
  • Driveways, patios and sidewalks cannot be washed unless an immediate health or safety risk is present

Surcharges for excess use remain in place:

For residential water meters :.50 cents per hundred cubic feet (CCF) between 10 CCF and 20 CCF; $1.00 per CCF between 20 CCF and 40 CCF; and $2.00 per CCF over 40 CCF.

For irrigation water meters:
.50 per CCF between 0 CCF and 10 CCF; $1.00 per CCF between 10 CCF and 20 CCF; $2.00 per CCF between 20 CCF and 40 CCF; and $4.00 for each CCF over 40 CCF.

Year round rules and restrictions are still in place:
•NO spray or sprinkler watering from 11 am to 6 pm any day of the week
•Soaker hoses, drip irrigation and bubblers can be used anytime
•Hand watering can be done anytime but the hose MUST have an attachment with a shutoff nozzle

According to a City of Wichita Falls press release, city officials "will consult with the Water Resources Commission for the possibility of further reductions in water use restrictions."

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