SOMEONE GET THIS GUY A HAPPY MEAL! He's clearly having a bad day.


Another Wichita Falls drive thru beat down? Yeah this isn't the first time this has happened. Back in 2021, we had a pretty crazy fight happen at a Whataburger drive thru in town. The fight that happened this week is a little different. Mainly for the fact it happened during the day. Let's face it, that Whataburger one late at night, I am assuming alcohol was involved.

This week though, in broad daylight, we had some road rage breakout in the drive thru line at the McDonald's on Kemp. Hailey Bridgens got some amazing photos of the two individuals involved in the incident and you can clearly see their license plate as they back out of the drive thru. I am not sure what set this guy off, but was it really worth it man?

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In case you do not know this particular drive thru location, it has two drive thru lanes. I am only assuming here, that the enraged individual thought these people were cutting? Why else could you be this pissed at someone in the McDonald's drive thru?

Maybe he overheard that the ice cream machine was broken and he was like, this is it I need to let this anger out and unfortunately this car's side mirror got hulk smashed off the vehicle. According to Hailey's Facebook page, she plans to file charges against the individuals involved. I am sure McDonald's also has some cameras on this side of the building so they could help in the investigation.

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