I know what you're thinking, weed like the drug. Nope, I'm talking like weeds in your garden that you consider a nuisance.

Just Another Beautiful Day in Wichita Falls

Looks like on Tuesday the Wichita Falls Police Department was dispatched to a residence off of Cunningham Drive for an assault. It looks like Mariah Moore attacked her roommate over something very stupid. Allegedly the roommate's boyfriend picked some flowers out of the garden, instead of the weeds. This then sent Mariah into a Poison Ivy level of defense to get revenge for the flowers.


Don't Mess with the Flowers at This House

Now Mariah's roommate has a different story, she is claiming that Mariah was the one that dug up the flowers and began throwing them at her. Mariah allegedly chased the roommate around and hit her with the weeds and scratched her neck. According to the police report obtained by KFDX, Mariah's roommate was covered in dirt and had several scratches on her.

Mariah Claims She is The Victim

Mariah told police it was the roommate's boyfriend who was throwing the weeds and scratching her. According to police, Mariah had no signs of injury. They can confirm the flower bed in the front of the house was a mess from someone digging through it.

Mariah Moore Has Been Charged

She has been charged with assault family violence with bodily injury. So remember kids, don't use weeds or flowers as a weapon.


That should only be Pokemon using those types of weapons.

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